Who We Are

Greener Pastures was established by its founding partners, Ian Wilkie and Ken Lord, both seasoned corporate managers with years of high-level investing, legal and business experience.  Wilkie, a California native admitted to practice in New York, and Lord, a resident of Thailand and New York City, formed Greener Pastures Capital Partners LLC as a Delaware limited liability company in 2015 to serve as a legal cannabis investment fund for accredited investors and a consultancy for legal marijuana and hemp-related companies.  Wilkie has been a business strategy and risk consultant, a Wall Street financial lawyer and the general counsel of a multi-billion dollar global real estate investment firm based in London and Lord has deep in-house corporate compliance and law firm experience, primarily in Asian cross-border retail and insurance markets.

John Ferguson, the Chairman of our Board of Advisors, is the current Chief Operating Officer of Kang Global Investors LP, a long-short equity hedge fund.  Before Kang, Ferguson served as Chief Operating Officer of Alden Global Capital and K2 Advisors LLC, as well as Managing Director of Deutsche Bank.

Michael Berger, a Member of our Board of Advisors, is a top industry analyst and the Founder and President of Technical420.com, a dedicated cannabis financial data and analysis firm providing quantitative analysis and company reporting via its multiple client platforms.  Mr. Berger is also the Managing Partner of Stonebridge Partners, LLC.,  a corporate communications and consulting firm.  He was an analyst at Raymond James Financial for five years and attended college at Florida State University.